The gateway to your projects.

We know Project Compass won’t change the world. We’re looking to make your work just a little bit easier, by giving you back a few minutes each day, so perhaps you can change the world.

Collaboration Tools for Business - Project Compass

Collaboration Tools for Business

Find all the pieces of a project: Use the right tool for the job without confusing your users.

No one tool does it all. You want to choose the right tool for the specific needs of each project. The challenge is the more tools we use, the more our users struggle to find what they need to do their work.

Project Compass is a collaboration tool for businesses that aims to give you a seamless portal into your tools for each project. Give your users the simplicity they crave with one place to go to find what they need, while still allowing you the flexibility to choose the tools and services that best serve your project.

Project Status Report

Keep projects on track: Provide effective project status updates, and get key information into the hands of those who need it.

Good projects need continual forward momentum. Projects can fade from view, fall behind schedule, go over budget, and lose the thread of why they started in the first place.

Project Compass provides an effective solution for project time tracking and project status reporting. Keep projects on track by providing a framework for project status updates, so that people responsible for projects are supported and held accountable by ensuring that they provide the information needed to keep projects moving forward.

Project Status Report - Project Compass

Get a bird’s eye view.

See at a glance how the projects you are responsible for are performing, and what needs your attention.

Projects generate a lot of information and noise. When you are responsible for a number of projects simultaneously, it’s hard to weed out what requires your attention and what you can let go by.

Sometimes, you just want to see a high level view of where everything stands. Project Compass makes this possible through dashboards that roll up the key details and present them to you in a visual way on any device. Monitor how projects are progressing and quickly shine the spotlight on projects that have lost their way.

Azure and Office 365 Collaboration

Project Compass is built to tie in with your existing Office 365 or Azure Active Directory configuration. Give your users a single sign on experience, with the ability to open the product right from the Office 365 App Launcher. Project Compass will have hooks for Microsoft Teams, Flow, and SharePoint to ensure it can be fully integrated to your cloud productivity suite.

Azure and Office 365 Collaboration - Project Compass